Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

I was impressed when I first saw Enoden trains running at the entrance of this shrine.  Also I found that it had the long and honorable history.  We often visit here. I learnt that a strong samurai named Gongoro is offered.

Amanawa Shinmei Miya (Amanawa Jinja) 甘縄神明宮

This is also a shrine.  It's near The Great Buddha.  Many locals respect this shirne because it has the dignity while being very simple.  I heard that it's the oldest shrine.  Actually we feel the exceptional charm in this shrine.


I wished to have my restaurant near the ocean.  I found Kamakura the best place to my dream because it is also an ancient city.  I really like Kamakura.



Kamakura is a good place to walk around because it is a small city.  We would like to recommend you to visit us being hungry after a walk.  Or walk around as an exercise after the meal at Marugyuu.

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Kamakura map

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