WAGYU : Japanese Beef


MARUGYUU offers Wagyuu Yakiniku.


Delicious beef at Reasonable price !


  Thanks to the customers, we are doing well since we opened Marugyuu in 2014 and we wish all visitors including from overseas to enjoy our foods.



Kobe-beef is well known as the Japanese beef.  However, there are many good cows raised in other places such as Shimane, Saga Pref. etc.  We procure those Japanese beef from all over Japan.



SHIMOFURI beef (marbled beef)

Even Japanese associate Wagyuu with Shimofuri beef.  Besides, we are offering delicious Akami beef (lean beef), too.  We highly recommend you to try both Akami and Shimofuri.



It's enjoyable when we have a barbecue with family and friends.  If you feel happy with our beef,  we will be happy, too.



A barbecue grill is set on each table.  You enjoy grilling as you like.


*  We will let you know the readiness to eat.  We always wish the customers to enjoy our beef at the best timing to eat.


Enjoy the Japanese beef BBQ at Marugyuu in the seaside town Kamakura.


We are looking forward to your visit.



1st floor #102 Saitou bldg.

2-16-15 Hase Kamakura, Kanagawa 2480016 Japan

Tel: 0467-61-1929

Hours: 11:30a.m.-3:00p.m.

5:30p.m.-9:30p.m. (L.O.)

Closed on Tuesday

(En) www.marugyuu-en.com

(Jp) Facebook 


* We posted some pictures of the beef before cooking in order to explain our cooking.  It is usual in Japan to show those pictures to the public.  We apologize if anyone feels uncomfortable about them.


* Ventilating fan is set to each table.  So, all smoke goes out.  But please note that the smoke might remain the smell just a little bit.

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